Sunday, March 29, 2009

Money and Pride

A few years ago, our church moved from a residence to a school building. To accommodate growth that never occurred. I can't say I really approved of the move then any more than I do now. But nobody asked me. I was the newest member, what did I know? The folks that helped initiate the move are no longer with us. Now we are paying for a building we can not afford.

I think what happened was we had a little money in the bank at the time and felt we had to spend it. We also bought a broken down van, but that is another story. Live and learn. Money and pride is a dangerous combination.


  1. Jeff,

    I thought you might appreciate this. Our group has been meeting in a rented reception hall on Sundays for the past two years. Our lease is up in a couple of months. We've been talking about looking for another meeting location because we want to spend less money on the meeting locaion so we can have more money to serve others. We seem so backwards sometime.


  2. Alan,

    Thanks for that. Sometimes it seems like we are the only ones fighting these battles. It's encouraging to know that others are having similar issues.


  3. our church community moved into the basement of an established church in the area. we quickly discovered that we needed each other as we paid rent and they provided space. our congregations are working together very well and i hope it continues and blossoms.

  4. shallowfrozenwater,

    Ironically since I wrote that, we've grown slightly to the point we need the room.

    Your situation sounds like an ideal example of Christians working together.