Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Impact of Dialog

Today I attended a "Kingdom Impact Conference". The conference covered a variety of topics such as evangelism, spiritual gifts and leadership. A number of different churches participated. I really was "impacted" by the variety of different teaching styles.

One common element present in all the presentations of the pastor/teachers was that each had a unique entertainment style. Humor was a prevalent theme for each style, each just used humor in a slightly different way. The end result was although I was up early for the conference and not in a fully rested state, I did not get bored or fall asleep.

What really set this conference apart from a typical Sunday of teaching was the interaction. There was actual dialog as opposed to the usual monologue! I really think the church could benefit from this type of teaching. But the question is: There is a group of people that perhaps would prefer not to participate. So, will they leave? Do we want them to?

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